Taking a look at what happened with Goya and the current increase in recognition of the brand for the last 24 hrs is something every business owner should look at and take notes.

The search for Goya has soared to over 200k in the last 15 hrs. It’s was pure genius and you can implement it to I’ll explain.

Breaking it down strategically Goya made a move which many might have qualified as controversial especially in a time where president Trump’s approval rating is not good.

For starters, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue endorsed president trump saying “We’re all truly blessed…to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder. And that’s what my grandfather did, he came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper … and we pray, we pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country.” This has many different reactions especially in a time where people are unhappy with his overall performance and the state of the country. 


The issue of a possible second wave of the coronavirus, racial inequality and black likes matter protesters everywhere over the last few weeks the riots the destruction of many small businesses. Also with the second stimulus check to aid Americans who have been desperately fighting to stay afloat. The issue of school reopening and families are uneasy as to the safety of students and teachers. Many people are not happy with the overall condition of the country.

All these factors put together are what put the fan to the flame you might say of how the public perceives the president’s overall approval rating.

Now when Goya made the comment they faced a lot of backlash in my opinion this may or may not be a good thing in some people’s eyes but it did wonders for the Goya brand as a whole. As the saying goes any publicity is good publicity

This action has increased brand awareness on every major platform and has piqued public interest in what’s going on with Goya.

Now the icing on the cake was when the president’s daughter Ivanka trump also endorsed the Goya brand because of the comments of the CEO of the company.

I would like for you to think about this from a marketing perspective rather than a political one because this is where all this will relate to your business. The used what is referred to as “the cool kids’ strategy “ Goya put themselves in a position to get attention from all the major media outlets by jumping on something that was definitely controversial and is now getting massive traction from it.


What this means is that people who have never even thought about Goya and is now looking at Goya because of what the “cool kids” the trumps and the media are talking about them so now they get instant notoriety because of those people who are extremely high profile. This is a tactic that needs to be applied to your business. Not to say go out and make political statements to get publicity but position yourself using growth and media strategies to help bring about brand awareness from the USA Today NBC yahoo news etc showcasing whatever it is your business provides.



Everything has to be done strategically and has to be done correctly by an agency that is an expert in this area using highly effective growth and media strategies in marketing. Doing this will get you brand recognition, awareness, and will lead to more sales of products and or services for your business.

The numbers don’t lie take a look at it for yourself go to google.trends and look at Goya’s search. Makes you think right. These strategies are not new but take someone who is analytical and experienced to get you these results depending also on the market you are in and the services you are offering this however is not impossible.

If you are interested in getting even more results In your business then contact us at Florida Digital Marketing experts for an audit first of all then a specific goal analysis to see how we can implement the “cool kids “ strategy and other highly effective growth and media strategies to start getting you more sales for your products and/or services.


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